Some of the most amazing educational experiences happen outside of our school walls. Vanguard Collegiate (VC Indy) scholars learn through engagement and hands-on experiences and we regularly explore learning outside of school; delving into the benefits of field trips and experiential learning.

Benefits of Field Trips and Experiential Learning

Field trips and experiential learning offer a ton of student benefits. These fun outings open opportunities to explore real-world situations through in-person experiences. They also create a deeper understanding of academic concepts. Scholars develop critical thinking skills, enhance social interactions, and cultivate a lifelong curiosity and love for learning.

Vanguard scholars on field trip to state capitol.

VC Indy kickstarts our experiential learning journeys by finding subjects and topics that come alive through hands-on exploration. In science, our scholars roll up their sleeves and conduct experiments in a real lab, getting up close with specimens and dissecting them to learn about the intricate workings of biology. In history, we become archaeologists, digging deep to unearth artifacts, analyzing evidence, and stepping into the shoes of ancient civilizations. And in art, our scholars dive into interactive mediums, from theater to music.

Here are 6 ways our VC Indy teachers and staff plan experiential learning opportunities:

  1. Define the learning objectives: We clearly outline the educational goals we want to achieve through the outing and let scholars know.
  2. Research suitable destinations: We search for places or events that align with our learning objectives and cater to the age group of our scholars attending.
  3. Make logistical arrangements: We organize transportation, obtain necessary permissions, and plan for meals and accommodations if needed.
  4. Develop a structured itinerary: We create a detailed schedule incorporating learning activities, guided tours, and interactive experiences.
  5. Prepare students and parents: VC Indy always provides pre-trip information, including background knowledge, expectations, and safety guidelines.
  6. Reflect and debrief: After the outing, we encourage our middle school scholars to reflect on their experiences and start a discussion to reinforce learning.

We are a tuition-free charter school serving grades 6-8. We ensure our scholars actively participate in experiential learning, sparking their curiosity and deepening their understanding. Get ready to learn by doing at VC Indy! Still looking for a middle school home? Join us!

About Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis

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