Apply to Vanguard Collegiate

To apply, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit, create a family profile and complete an application, ranking Vanguard Collegiate as #1
  2. Enroll Indy notifies you of a school match (date of school match is detailed below)
  3. If matched with Vanguard Collegiate, you will receive a phone call and a welcome letter from the school, detailing next steps for enrolling your Scholar
  4. Attend Vanguard Collegiate New Student Orientation and complete enrollment documents
  5. Start school at Vanguard Collegiate the week of August 1, 2018!

Note: Applying in the First or Second Round and ranking Vanguard Collegiate #1 on your application provides the best chance of being matched with us.

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Round One

November 15 — January 15, 2018
Match by February 15, 2018

Round Two

January 16 — April 15, 2018
Match by May 15, 2018

Round Three

April 16 — June 15, 2018
Match by July 1, 2018

Open Enrollment

Begins July 1, 2018