Community Partners

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is proud to partner with the following organizations:


The 16 Tech Innovation District is a 50-acre community dedicated to fostering world-changing innovation and economic opportunity.

Asante Children’s Theatre

We use acting, singing, dancing, and storytelling to build life skills. Asante provides creative arts training, transformative performances, effective leadership development, and inspiring opportunities to unlock your potential and connect with a global community of artists and arts professionals so you can successfully move to the next level of your career.

Christamore House

The Christamore house, through education, partnerships and accountability empowers the people of Haughville and the near westside to be self-sufficient and contributing members to a safe and healthy community.

Hawthorne Community Center

The mission of the Hawthorne Community Center is to provide and facilitate services and programs that address the economic, educational, financial, social, recreational and cultural needs of the entire Hawthorne community.

iibada Dance Company

The mission of iibada is to provide cultural enrichment, discipline, and positive self-esteem through the art of dance.

IndyGo Foundation

The IndyGo Foundation is proud to join with IndyGo to provide an integrated service for nonprofit organizations working within Marion County. The goal of this service is to decrease the financial barrier to public transportation, making it easier for organizations in our community to assist individuals seeking employment, food, healthcare, education and other enriching and essential services.

Kids Count Therapy

Kids Count Therapy is a vibrant community of professionals, therapists, clients, and families dedicated to empowering one another.

Leading Ladies Indy

Our mission is to empower young ladies to know their worth and propel them to grow as individuals while providing positive experiences and academic support.

Meijer Grocery Store

Before Meijer became the regional superstore you see today, we were a small grocery store. Even as we’ve grown, feeding people has always stayed at the heart of what we do. We know that no one knows what a community needs better than the community itself, so we support schools by giving donations tailored to their needs.

Patachou Foundation

The Patachou Foundation prepares and serves healthy meals to children impacted by poverty and hunger and increases their awareness, connection, and excitement about food. Our meal service is complemented by hands-on educational programming to combat food insecurity at its core to break the cycle of hunger in our community.

The Lead Change Project

Founded in a belief in the power of sport, The Lead Change Project© is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that partners with urban schools and school districts, to provide opportunities for personal development, community engagement, and academic support to youth in inner-city communities across the country. We work to build positive communities in and around inner-city public schools by providing competitive, successful extracurricular programming, including interscholastic athletics, arts and music by developing a culture that connects the resources of the community to the needs of inner-city youth.

Community Resources