Vanguard Collegiate (VC Indy) is built on a foundation of learning, support, inclusivity, leadership and more. Our teachers and staff work daily to create a learning environment for scholars to thrive. What drives our mission to create an incredible education? These five core values…


Resilience pulses through the halls of VC Indy. It’s at the heart of what we do. We believe in empowering our scholars to overcome obstacles, rebound from setbacks, and create a growth mindset. Through engaging and challenging academic programs, we motivate scholars to embrace challenges, take risks, and learn from past experiences. Our educators provide personalized support, inspiring scholars to believe in their ability to achieve great things.


Without question, we create opportunities for all enrolled scholars. Regardless of learning style, race, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or expression, we ensure equity so all scholars feel safe and secure when they come to VC Indy. Our school is located in a community center that gives us a direct line to any auxiliary assistance we need. This is how we keep equity at the core of our educational philosophy. Our goal is to level the playing field for scholars so they can meet and exceed our expectations. At VC Indy, we also provide access to high-quality resources, technology, and study materials.

2 VCI scholars working at a desk with smart board in front of them


A strong sense of belonging is vital for academic and personal growth. At VC Indy, we ensure a warm environment that encourages inclusivity where every scholar feels respected and accepted. Whether in class, on field trips or in clubs and athletics, we encourage scholars to form authentic connections and build empathetic friendships. When young learners feel a sense of belonging, they lean into their education and confidently go after their passions.


Strong relationships are the bedrock of VC Indy. We believe meaningful connections between scholars, educators, and families are essential for academic achievement and social-emotional well-being. Our teachers and staff build supportive relationships with scholars. They also offer mentorship and guidance. We actively involve families in their child’s education through multiple forms of communication and involvement in school activities. These are the bonds that create the wraparound system we’re known for.

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Honesty is everything at VC Indy. We strive to instill a strong sense of ethics and accountability in our scholars. Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program encourages positive behavior and inspires a respectful, responsible school culture. We reinforce the importance of integrity through character education and real-world applications of ethical decision-making. By nurturing integrity in our scholars, we show them how to become responsible and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

VC Indy’s five core values of resilience, equity, belonging, relationships, and integrity form the foundation of our unique charter school experience. As a tuition-free institution serving grades 6-8, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about how we bring these values to life through innovative programs like V Bucks, social-emotional learning (SEL), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Contact us today.

About Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (VC Indy) is a close-knit middle school with a big impact. Serving grades 6-8, we are a public charter offering innovative learning and wraparound social services. Our goal is to prepare our scholars for success in high school and beyond. At Vanguard, we believe in “opening doors” for our scholars through engaging academics, a safe environment, leadership development, and a strong sense of community. Enroll your scholar today!