Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is dedicated to changing chronically low academic outcomes in our community.We recognize that our scholars enter middle school with a wide range of academic proficiency. We ensure every scholar receives the necessary supports to reach our rigorous goals through individualized assessments and clear action plans. Whatever academic challenges your scholar may face, we can get them to grade level! 

“Unapologetically focused on the academic success of our scholars, Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis educates 5-8th grade students through high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and character development to succeed in college and become leaders in thought, word and action.”

Power Hours

To supplement classroom instruction, we incorporate an hour of literacy support and an hour of math support daily, as both a Reading and a Math Power Hour. During each Power Hour, students are strategically grouped in small clusters based on skill, and each group rotates through a station rotation model. Scholars will receive small group instruction directly from teachers and work independently on their own level and at their own pace using research-based, blended learning platforms

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Power Hour is a station rotation model for one hour daily in both ELA and Math – (1) scholars 1:1 on Chromebooks using adaptive software (assessment determines proficiency level and works them to and through grade level); (2) small group instruction with teacher, and (3) independent work/reading time​. 


We use a Response to Intervention (RTI) model to identify individual student needs, including but not limited to, English Language Learners and Special Education students, and we will provide the necessary services specified in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015.8 

Social Emotional Support 

Outside of the classroom, we recognize that our students will have mental and emotional health needs — especially in light of the increases in violence in Black and Latinx communities and our COVID 19 global health pandemic.  Our school therapist remains available all summer to help our scholars process and emote their feelings.

Our school community will partner with outside service providers to create supports for students so that they are able to thrive academically. All partnerships are strategically developed to ensure every student can meet and/or exceed the school’s academic expectations.

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Saturday Academy 

Saturday Academy is 6 weeks per semester and NWEA assessment results determine student need​. 

​Daily Tutoring

Last block of every day Monday -Thursday is tutoring. Scholars get real-time assistance in their area of need. We determine this need by exit ticket data; a short quiz tracking  understanding at the end of each class. 

Student Supports Coordinator

Our Student Supports Coordinator does not teach regularly, but manages supports for students and provides in-class support when/where needed like managing compliance paperwork and hosting conferences with parents for Special Education. 

About Vanguard

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is unapologetically focused on the academic success of our scholars, our fifth to eighth grade middle school students. Situated in Central Indianapolis, we provide high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and supportive character development. We create pathways to college success and to becoming leaders in thought, word, and action. Be a Vanguard, today!