Community matters. It’s the thread that brings us together to nourish the minds and spirits of our next generation of leaders. At Vanguard Collegiate (VC Indy), we believe in the power of wraparound attention and education. It’s why our small school is strategically located, hires the most compassionate teachers and goes beyond expectations to shape lives and strengthen our bonds.

Compared to the typical size of middle schools, we are a micro-school. Microschools are considered an alternative to traditional schools or homeschooling. Often with 200 students or fewer, microschools like ours offer a more personalized and flexible approach to education. At a time when students at traditional middle schools are struggling to keep up, our personal attention sets us apart.

The VC Indy Difference

Our small environment is an educational haven with 1:1 attention and nurturing spaces for scholars to grow academically and emotionally. VC Indy is tuition-free, offers free transportation and personalized tutoring. We also serve free catered lunch and access to social services for students in need. Our co-location with Hawthorne Community Center makes it easy to refer scholars and their families – for additional resources to help them thrive in and outside of the classroom.

Vanguard Collegiate students standing together outside classroom.

One of the main advantages of attending a micro-school is the personalized learning experience. Teachers can tailor their instruction to meet each scholar’s needs and interests with fewer students. This attention allows for more targeted support.

Microschools = Community & Collaboration

Microschools also foster a sense of community and collaboration. Our smaller size allows for closer relationships–you can’t help but know everyone and no one gets lost in the shuffle. VC Indy scholars often work together on projects, discussions and activities. This collaborative environment promotes active engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Over the school year, during STEAM Fridays, our scholars participated in a theater class with our partners at Asante Children’s Theatre. There, they learned the skill of improv and put together several small productions to use their art to explore some of the challenges they faced. Scholars self-reported it as therapeutic and wanted to explore it in the future to express themselves positively. This reinforced our commitment to social-emotional learning, creating strong scholars ready to lead.

Please visit our website to secure a place for your child at VC Indy. Don’t miss out on this tuition-free micro-middle school—enroll today!

About Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (Vanguard) is a close-knit middle school with a big impact. Serving grades 6-8, we are a public charter offering innovative learning and wraparound social services. Our goal is to prepare our scholars for success in high school and beyond. At Vanguard, we believe in “opening doors” for our scholars through engaging academics, a safe environment, leadership development, and a strong sense of community. Enroll your scholar today!