Middle school can be tough for young scholars. It’s that in-between stage where they begin stepping into their identity and learning more about themselves in and outside school. It’s a stage where some scholars may struggle to fit in, have a hard time with certain subjects, or balance home and academic lives. That’s why the faculty and staff at Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (Vanguard) put their hearts into creating a learning environment that sets scholars up for success.

We know parents want the best for their children, and every day we work to make that a reality when scholars walk through our doors. We are a diverse and inclusive school that encourages authenticity while having zero tolerance for bullying. Our small class sizes and exceptional attention to each scholar means we can often spot scholars trying to navigate challenges early and help them figure out solutions. We provide fertile ground for academic growth, personal growth and leadership development.

Vanguard Collegiate students discussing literature in class with a teacher

Problem-Solving is Our Specialty

Vanguard prioritizes total well-being and works with scholars to proactively identify challenges, develop solutions and follow through. We know that middle and high school success requires scholars to be adaptable, resilient, and resourceful. We help with tutoring, 1:1 attention, and field trips to expose scholars to broader learning opportunities, including STEAM and more. We focus on social-emotional learning and encourage daily reflection so scholars can spot trends in their challenges.

Together (at Heart) For Years

Our community stays together after 8th grade. We never stop caring about our scholars and often hear back from them. Our middle school was a strong base that our scholars soared into high school from, which is one of many reasons to choose Vanguard.

High School Credits Earned Early

At Vanguard Collegiate, scholars can earn high school credits in ELA, Math, and Social Studies. On average, students earn six high school credits, giving them more room in their schedule for electives and a head start on achieving the Indiana Core 40. As a result, multiple scholars from Vanguard’s original graduating class who are now attending Believe High School will graduate with an AA degree, partially due to the head start on credits they received when attending VCI. This is a testament to the importance of early preparation and the opportunities a solid academic foundation provides.

Vanguard Collegiate student join fingers in solidarity

About Our Alumni

Vanguard alumni excel in their new chapter of high school. Because of the passion and commitment of our teachers, our scholars are more than prepared to navigate the next level of education.

Our first graduating class is now in their junior year of high school. We hear from these scholars and watch their journey, marveling at all they are accomplishing. We offer them support any way we can, including writing letters of recommendation for jobs and continuing the mentoring we started in middle school. Recently, we nominated 3 former Vanguard students for a college scholarship through Pacers Sports and Entertainment. Many of our scholars started earning high school credit while at Vanguard and are now on track to graduate high school with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, which sets them up for further success in a 4 year college.

It’s a source of pride for our faculty and staff to know that our scholars thrive when moving forward. As a tuition-free public charter school in Indianapolis, we strive to be the local middle school of choice for families who want their students to go as far as their dreams take them. Interested in enrolling? Contact us today!

About Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (Vanguard) is a close-knit middle school with a big impact. Serving grades 6-8, we are a public charter offering innovative learning and wraparound social services. Our goal is to prepare our scholars for success in high school and beyond. At Vanguard, we believe in “opening doors” for our scholars through engaging academics, a safe environment, leadership development, and a strong sense of community. Enroll your scholar today!