Apply to Vanguard Collegiate

To apply, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit, create a family profile and complete an application, ranking Vanguard Collegiate as #1
  2. Enroll Indy notifies you of a school match (date of school match is detailed below)
  3. If matched with Vanguard Collegiate, you will receive a phone call and a welcome letter from the school, detailing next steps for enrolling your Scholar
  4. Attend Vanguard Collegiate New Student Orientation and complete enrollment documents
  5. Start school at Vanguard Collegiate in August!

Note: Applying in the First or Second Round and ranking Vanguard Collegiate #1 on your application provides the best chance of being matched with us.

Apply Now


Round One

November 2, 2022 — January 25, 2023
Match by February 16, 2023

Round Two

January 26 — April 20, 2023
Match by May 11, 2023

Open Enrollment

Begins June 5, 2023

Additional Enrollment Information:
Should the number of applicants exceed the number of available seats, we will hold a random drawing in a public meeting for student enrollment two weeks after the application deadline. The lottery will be governed by the following principles:

· All students who have submitted a formal application prior to the deadline will be allowed to enter the lottery. If necessary, the application window will be posted on our website.

· All students drawn in the public lottery will receive an offer for a seat in the school until all available entry grade seats are filled.

· Students who are drawn after all seats are filled will be added to an ordered wait list and will come off the wait list once seats become available in the order they are listed.

· Applicants that have enrolled siblings will be entered into a separate lottery by grade and drawn before non-sibling applicants for that grade. Sibling preference is designed to ensure that all students within a family are able to, if desired, attend the same school.

· The lottery will be conducted within two weeks of the application deadline. The location to be determined but accessible by all.

Preference in the lottery will be given to students currently attending Vanguard Collegiate and siblings of students currently attending Vanguard Collegiate. The number of School Founder, School Board Member, and School Employee students is limited to no more than 10%.

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