At Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis,  we connect to our middle school scholars and community through our core values. Our values of THINK – Team, Hard Work, Integrity, Nobility, and Knowledge guide students and staff in all aspects of school life. Beginning with morning motivation, our core values are reinforced throughout the school day and academic year. These five core values connect to character development and scholarly rewards, and our core values are consistently modeled by our staff.

Each month, we  focus on one value. The core value (from our THINK model) will drive school wide activities. In addition, when students are living our core values they are rewarded with V-Bucks. V-Bucks reinforce and reward our scholars as they utilize our core values. Scholars might earn V-Bucks during Nobility for cleaning the bus, and taking care of our middle school facility. Students might earn V-Bucks during knowledge because they show engagement in their classes, they are inquisitive and exhibit mastery of scholarly language. 

Scholars can earn V-Bucks just for showing up to school dressed and ready for the day – shirts tucked in, collars on straight. Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis scholars may earn V-Bucks in the middle of class for staying on pace and being productive. And sometimes a scholar earns enough V-Bucks to dress down on Friday. No uniform? Big fun! 

four boys

When a scholar earns $65-V Bucks, they’re a Platinum Vanguard. Platinum Vanguards are leaders in the building. They’re served lunch first and claim prime access to treats. Platinum Vanguards may earn Pacer and Colt tickets, head to Indianapolis Motor Speedway or other holiday events, and gain access to the Platinum Lounge. 

In the platinum lounge, open during lunch, Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis scholars play cornhole, enjoy snacks and television, and on Fridays can invite a friend to join the fun in the lounge. 

kids in a line

All of our five core values in the THINK model – and how we reward them in daily use – strengthen our scholars character development and motivation. Our passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff ensure every scholar’s fundamental awareness of our core values and our middle school students actualize these values and translate them into positive decisions. They’re leaders in thought, word and action, our definition of a Vanguard. 

About Vanguard

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is unapologetically focused on the academic success of our scholars, our fifth to eighth grade middle school students. Situated in Central Indianapolis, we provide high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and supportive character development. We create pathways to college success and to becoming leaders in thought, word, and action. Be a Vanguard, today!