1) The best middle schools employ a consistent set of expectations and a code of conduct, creating a safe framework for every student to learn, make decisions and feel empowered by their positive choices. 

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis enables strong conduct and reliable expectations for 5th – 8th graders in the Haughville area of Indianapolis. Our mission is straightforward: 

“Unapologetically focused on the academic success of our scholars, Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis educates 5-8th grade students through high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and character development to succeed in college and become leaders in thought, word and action.”

Our T.H.I.N.K. model illustrates the five ways we teach our scholars to take ownership for their actions, set their goals AND strive to meet them, and embrace their morality. Our scholars learn to act with dignity, to take pride in their work, and to effectively problem-solve as individual contributors and team players. Academic stamina enables ambitious thinking and we are here for it. 

We create scholars by setting a high bar for educational fluency and leadership, and we provide extensive support to get there. It’s our firm belief that empowering middle schoolers to create and find their leadership voices will change the world. 

Our five core values in the T.H.I.N.K. model – and how we reward them in daily use – strengthen our scholars’ character development and motivation. Our passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff ensure every scholars’ fundamental awareness of  — and abiding belief in  — our core values.  Our middle school students actualize these values and translate them into positive decisions. They’re leaders in thought, word and action, our definition of a Vanguard. 

2) The middle school years can be difficult. No doubt about it. Another way to identify a valuable middle school is identifying how they support every child’s social and emotional development.

A middle school grounded in a culture of respect, structure, and high academic and behavioral expectations sets students on a path to high school, college, and life success. This is the Vanguard Way

Through meaningful, quality instruction, rigorous curriculum and important character-development, Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis equips scholars with critical thinking skills, integrity, and a sense of personal and social responsibility. 

Outside the classroom, we recognize that our students can have mental and emotional health needs — especially in light of the increases in violence against Black and Latinx communities and our ongoing COVID 19 global health pandemic.  Our school therapist is available to scholars at all times, including over the summer —  to help our scholars process their feelings.

3) Due to brain development, early childhood education gets a lot of attention. The truth is the middle school years are equally as important.  The ages and stages served — grades 5-8 —  can be critically important in determining future success in high school, college and career, especially as it pertains to discovering one’s sense of self and identity. 

Vanguard Collegiate sets our scholars up for success through a carefully scaffolded course of study.​ Our college prep curriculum in all grades and content areas aligns with the Indiana State Standards and ensures college and career readiness skills. 

From these state standards, Vanguard Collegiate created our own interim and end-of-course assessments and backwards plans, directing to the level of rigor expected on college-ready assessments. Daily, our scholars are challenged to demonstrate their academic skills coupled with our core values.​ 

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is dedicated to changing chronically low academic outcomes in our community.​ We recognize that our scholars enter middle school with a wide range of academic proficiency. We ensure every scholar receives the necessary support to reach our rigorous academic and character goals through individualized assessments and clear action plans.

We make the academic and life goals of our middle school students a reality. We start with clear objectives that every scholar can see, utilize and put into regular use in their daily lives. We are a thoughtfully designed school, but we can (and do) adapt to the variety of learning styles and needs of our scholars. 

We bring realistic and successful academic and holistic pathways to college and life beyond and by eighth grade, our scholars are even earning high school credit! From our data-driven instruction to our Saturday Academy, we never stop supplying top notch academics in meaningful ways. We start our days together with Power Hour and we spend our afternoons at tutoring – focusing on the personalized needs of each individual.

We are proud to serve and partner with our Near Westside community as the only standalone middle school. We reflect the diversity of our surrounding neighborhood and our teachers and staff look like the community we serve. We pledge to maintain this diversity going forward and to be a robust member of our broader and beloved 46222!

About Vanguard 

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis is unapologetically focused on the academic success of our scholars, our fifth to eighth grade students. Situated in Central Indianapolis, we provide high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and supportive character development. We create pathways to college success and to becoming leaders in thought, word, and action. Be a Vanguard, today!