There’s power in close-knit schools, and Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (Vanguard) is one of the few middle schools in the area where that power is magnified. We know parents want the best possible education for their children and strive to not only provide that, but maintain a learning atmosphere focusing on academic excellence, leadership and personal development. We are a tuition-free public charter school providing wraparound services to 6-8th graders in Indianapolis.

Small by Design: The Vanguard Advantage

Our intentionally small size allows us to know every scholar by name and their individual situations. We also get to know our families and connect them with resources in the community. This personal connection helps us maintain an environment where scholars are seen, heard, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential despite obstacles.


VCI Teacher gives student high five in classroom


At Vanguard, we are diverse and inclusive. Our scholars come from various backgrounds and feel safe being their authentic selves when they walk through our doors. This is what makes us special. It’s what makes us a school of choice for many marginalized students who may not feel secure in other schools. Vanguard faculty and staff care deeply for each scholar and work to support every middle schooler in our care. We know that psychological safety is a crucial element of academic success and class engagement.


Male student sitting at desk listening intently to teaacher.

Tuition-Free Education (and more): A Gift to Your Family!

Vanguard is committed to providing a high-quality education to all scholars, regardless of their financial background. As a tuition-free public charter school, we make education accessible and equitable. Our curriculum is challenging and fun, encouraging our scholars to do their best without worrying about the cost. We also provide free transportation through East and West routes, and free lunches.

Another bonus of our approach is free wraparound social services. This means we offer referrals and resources for every scholar in need. We recognize that some scholars carry a heavy load and we offer these services to help overcome challenges and thrive academically.

Vanguard is the ideal choice for parents who want to provide their middle schoolers with a nurturing, rigorous education tailored to their individual needs. When you choose Vanguard, you’re choosing small, and you’re choosing powerful. Want to learn more? Watch our Get to Know Vanguard video today!

About Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis

Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis (Vanguard) is a close-knit middle school with a big impact. Serving grades 6-8, we are a public charter offering innovative learning and wraparound social services. Our goal is to prepare our scholars for success in high school and beyond. At Vanguard, we believe in “opening doors” for our scholars through engaging academics, a safe environment, leadership development, and a strong sense of community. Enroll your scholar today!