We want to make the academic and life goals of our middle school students a reality. We start with clear objectives –- our core values -– that every scholar can see, utilize and put into regular use in their daily lives.

Our THINK model reflects our core values: Team, Hard Work, Integrity, Nobility, and Knowledge. These five values are displayed throughout the school building and guide students and staff in all aspects of our school life together.

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We asked members of our faculty and staff to describe in their own words the many ways we make our school, Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, so focused on rigorous academics and next generation leadership. Hear from Alyssa McIntyre, a social studies teacher, on three important topics: 

What makes your charter school(s) or classroom special?

The biggest reason why Vanguard Collegiate is so special is because of our staff’s willingness to look at each student as a whole person and not just a scholar in the classroom.

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At Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, we work hard to inform and better the lives of our fifth to eighth grade students. We spoke to two members of our faculty and staff about how we teach the lifelong importance of exercise and how we incorporate the larger community into our everyday at Vanguard. 

Eric Saunders
The lifelong importance of exercise – how is this woven into your school day? 

As we aim to the future,

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1. We are Vanguards.

We are unapologetically focused on academics for our fifth to eighth grade students. We create scholars by setting a high bar for educational fluency and leadership, and we provide extensive supports to get there. It’s our firm belief that empowering middle schoolers to create and find their leadership voices will change the world. We partner with our scholars — and families — to build leaders, in thought, word and action,

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Dear Vanguard Families:

On March 13, 2020 we closed our doors at the order of the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office due to a pandemic that has changed the way the world operates in general and has specifically ravaged Black, Latinx and poor communities. COVID-19 did more than present challenges like our community has never seen; it also made plain the inequities that exist in education, health care, food security, housing, employment and mental health services.

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